Saturday, August 13, 2011

bananas for mad men

I know there's been no shortage of buzz on this new collection, but I couldn't resist posting it here too.  The Mad Men collection is in stores at Banana Republic now, and I popped in to check it out the other day.  There are some gorgeous pieces, not the least of which is that orange dress above. 

The menswear is fantastic too:

But what I want most out of everything I saw is this itty bitty belt.  Not too much to ask for, is it?

Friday, August 12, 2011

mini (birthday) cakes

Yesterday for Husband's birthday we had a movie marathon at the IFC Center, which is an amazing place.  If we lived here you can bet we'd be members and go every other day.  We also stopped off at Baked by Melissa in Soho and got one of my favorite nyc treats: mini cupcakes!  

The pink lemonade flavor was the best in my opinion.  How do they get so much flavor and moist goodness into such a teeny tiny morsel?  Check out all the out-of-this-world flavors:

See that quarter on the bottom right?  Yup, these are seriously tiny!  And amazingly delicious.  Even if you're not a cupcake fan (I'm looking at you mom) you'd love these.  And if you're not in nyc, good news, they ship nationwide!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

birthday portrait

Happy birthday to the most wonderfullest husband in the world!

Here's a portrait of us I painted.  Just kidding.  It's this painting at the Met by Thomas de Keyser.  But you and I both know it's really you sneaking a few extra seconds of guitar time in while I wait at the door, shoes on and ready to go.   How did he know you so well 400 years before you were born? 

Love you my sweet husband!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This week I've been on a mission to fix my bad habit of reusing disposable water bottles.  I know it's horrible for your health, and I promise to stop.  Of course I have to find the perfect replacement, and I'm a chronic researcher, so it's taking a while.  I think I'm close to a winner though.  First up on my list of finalists: Klean Kanteen. 

These super lightweight food-grade stainless steel bottles come in tons of lovely colors.  My only gripe is that the lid squeaks when you screw it on or off.  Not too many people seem to be complaining about that in the reviews, so either I am hyper-sensitive to metal screeching, or it goes away with use.

A few more great options and some water packaging that totally threw me for a loop after the jump...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One of the stores I'm most excited about hitting while I'm in nyc is AllSaints Spitalfields.  Last winter when I was here I fell in love with a leather jacket there and am still kicking myself for not getting it.  I do have one of their pirate cardigans and I absolutely love it.  You can tie it a zillion different ways or just leave it open and drapey.  I bought mine five years ago and wore it religiously until it shrunk (Fine.  I shrank it.  Machine washed it warm.  Don't do that.)  but I still wear it all the time in its mini shrunken version for classes and rehearsals.  Maybe I could pick one up that's actually my size.  And hand wash it this time.

more lovely allsaints picks after the jump...

Monday, August 8, 2011


I had a swatch in the 80s.  And a pop swatch in the early 90s (remember those?).  And then I forgot all about the brand, and completely ignored it for twenty years.  Until now.  I'm kind of obsessed.  I'd actually love to have all of these (and more) from the Colour Codes collection, but I'd settle for just that pale skin toned one.  It looks so odd on my wrist, I can't help but dream about it.  Lucky for me these are only $50.  The larger iridescent-faced Rebels are $70.  I'm trying to convince husband he'd love one of those.  And then I'll steal it and wear it all the time.

old school

This morning we went to Brooklyn Flea.  Such a relaxing flea market experience, especially compared to the rastro in Madrid!  One of the vendors that intrigued me most were the guys from Kasbah Moderne selling fully functional refurbished antique typewriters.  The woman who was helping us out said that in selecting a typewriter you'd want to think what your needs were - if it's to write your novel you'd want a different model than if you were just using it to write occasional letters.  Would someone really write a novel on a typewriter in this day and age?  The thought boggled my mind.  The only time I ever used one was to fill out college applications back in the day, and I'm sure they have computerized that system by now.  But, as impractical as they are, I have to admit I love the idea of having one around, especially one so beautiful as these, perhaps with a sheet of paper always in place so husband and I can leave notes for each other.  Do you have a typewriter?  Does it just seem archaic and useless?  Or could you be pulled in by the old time romance of it?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

savage beauty

Day 2 in new york was reserved for priority number 1: Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty at the Met.  I got up at 7, we were out the door by 8, and by 9:15 we were in line behind about 250 people, but in front of another 200 or so.  Doors opened at 9:30, and by noon we were stepping into McQueendom.  Yes, we spent about 2 1/2 hrs in line, and then through the actual exhibit itself we moved through the rooms packed shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of others, almost carried by the current.  Was it worth it?  YES.  If you're in nyc, tomorrow's the last day, so RUN and see this. 

The pieces, almost every single one of them, were enough to blow my mind.  But the installation too was absolutely gorgeous, a series of rooms each with its own macabre personality, some mirrored all around (so you could see every garment from every imaginable angle) and some like old palaces with torches on the wall.  Even the music they had accompanying each space was perfect. 

What really moved me though was the sense of scope you got of this man's genius, the sheer expanse of his artistry.  He was not just a brilliant designer, who thought outside the box as far as his clothes were concerned, he was an artist who worked with different mediums and wasn't hindered by the limits of traditional fashion.  There was no fear in his work, but rather a belief in his own vision, no matter how out there, that was truly inspiring.  He created films and holograms and whole universes in his collections, and that intensity of creative drive was so exciting to see.  Even husband was impressed and inspired.   We left feeling inspired, moved, uplifted, motivated, and saddened by the loss of such a great artist.

Of course we bought the book.  And the calendar.  And some magnets.  Ok, ok, and a postcard or two.