Saturday, September 10, 2011

the beginning

I can't believe I did it, but I did.  I really actually truly just did this.  Today I registered for four short courses at the London College of Fashion.  I am in shock, and beside myself with excitement.

I am going to be there for two months, doing an overview of fashion design and business, and also focusing on knitwear and leatherworking.  Obviously not an in-depth formal training, but a considerable dip into new waters.  Normally I agonize over decisions for ages, but I shocked myself by agonizing over this decision for only 3 days.  Who am I?  Why am I so ready to start this new adventure now?  I suppose because the reality is I've been inching my way towards this shift in focus for years now, and my time away from my daily routine this summer has been like going up a mountain.  The modern day vision quest.

As time gets closer (I leave in 2 weeks!) I'll tell you more about what I'm going to be doing, and of course keep you posted while I'm there.  For now I'm packing my bags (again) because tomorrow I head back to Madrid.

I'm so excited!

Friday, September 9, 2011

and the winner is

Meet my new favorite pants:

First off, let me just establish that I am a huge J Brand fan; I think that for the curvier ladies they are one of the best lines around.  The Bombshell cigarette jean (previously known as the Scarlett) is my favorite pair of jeans, hands down, no contest.  (Snap them up at Barneys now, they're on sale for only $99 as they phase them out!)  This summer J Brand did all the bright colors in jeans and corduroys, and now they're doing these deeper richer more subdued colors, and I'm madly in love.  I ordered the skinny twill, the Maria legging jean, and the pencil leg cords in black cherry, bright red, teal, aubergine and bright blue.  All in the name of science, to bring to you the most thorough report possible.  I'm such the humanitarian that way, don't you think?

Less curvey people may appreciate the Maria as a good skinny option, it does have a higher waist which I really liked, but it was just cut too narrow in the thighs for me.  The cords are gorgeous and fit beautifully, with a higher rise in the back than in the front which is super flattering.  The texture is so fine it's almost like velvet (see the red ones here), and they are ridiculously comfortable, but you can't pull them up from the waistband (it will rip, there's even a tag warning you of this) and you can't roll them up because the inside of corduroy is not a thing you want to show off.  The twill jeans are the clear winner; they're incredibly well cut, thick, tough and durable, but still brushed soft like lambs' ears, and there's enough elastic in there for them to mold perfectly to your body.  The rise is high enough to avoid any sign of the dreaded muffin-top, and they look great as they are or rolled up a wee bit to show off a little more ankle.  I'm sending everyone else home and keeping these guys.  I may even have to get them in other colors.  Just saying.

aubergine and bright blue, images from revolve

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

maggie i think i've got something to say to you

I ordered these Frye Maggies and am currently wearing them around the house.  Do I keep them?  Do I not?  I am indecision personified.  So I'm taking a poll.

If you've been following me at all the past month or so you know I've been obsessed with finding a nude oxford (see here).  These happen to be the most perfect shade ever, (yeah, I'm that pale), like the slightly peachy crayola crayon of me.  I also love that it has a higher heel than most oxfords; this boot heel is the most comfortable and flattering, in my opinion.  As far as I can tell from walking around in circles in my living room, these shoes are very comfortable.  My mama, however, thinks the upturned toe is hideous, and the proportions are all off.  She is my best shopping partner and I get confused when we don't agree.  I'm not seeing clearly anymore, so I ask you, dear readers, what do you think?  Cool bootie nude oxfords with a twist or badly made ugly disproportionate grandma shoes?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

nail art coercion and a happy ending

Went to a new (to us) salon to get a pedicure with my mama the other day and left with mixed feelings.  They had fancy massage chairs with remotes to that was fun.  And it was cheaper than where we usually go.  And family dynamics of the three generations of vietnamese men and women doing everyone's nails were entertaining, to say the least.  But each one had such freedom on their individual 'style' of massage; mine was great but my mom's was like being tapped gently with a limp dead fish.  Very weird.  And then as we were about to get up, the woman who was doing me insisted that I get some nail art done.  "Otherwise people are going to think you did your own nails!" she said, as if that was the worst thing in the world.  I said no thanks about 10 times, but my mama thought they were never going to let us out of there if I didn't do it, so I said, sure, go ahead.  Turns out they do whatever they feel like doing in the moment.  And, it also turns out, I really kind of secretly love my new nail art.  Best extra $6 spent against my will ever.


Feels like fall is officially here.  Today it's been in the 60's and even curled up with my sweatshirt, socks and blanket, my nose is cold.  But that doesn't mean that the summery tie-dye maxis have to go.  Imagine these with a cozy sweater and some great boots, I think they'd work perfectly all through the winter.

More luscious pieces from tie-dye master Shabd after the jump...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

decals and stickers

Here's a whole new category of questionable beauty innovations: face decals.   For your eyes:

Dior adhesive eyeliner patchesReally?  And they're reusable?  I honestly don't understand.  If anyone's tried these please report.  Is this ingenuity or insanity?

And for your lips:

Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos.  Available in all kinds of questionable patterns.   Again, all I can ask is, really?  I don't mind a little zebra on my nails, but on the lips it just seems wrong.

Would you?  Have you?  I'd love to know...

the original?

Remind you of anything?  Say, the Elizabeth and James Cohen shirt that you lusted after for years?  Remember that shirt?

Well, I'm not suggesting this is exactly the same, but the similarities are striking, and for $55 it may be worth trying out.  It also comes in red, which I love, and blue, which come to think of it, I also love.

But these shirts are not from some high street knock-off company, these are from 'The Original Outdoor Company', Woolrich.  No kidding.  Sometimes it's good to shop outside the box.  See a few more original outdoor pieces that caught my eye after the jump...