Saturday, October 29, 2011


No, not YMCA.  Just YMC, as in You Must Create.  A British brand that's been around since the mid-90s, I discovered them on this last trip to London, wandering around the Brick Lane area.  A quirky homey layout enticed me in and it ended up being one of those stores where you have to walk around and touch everything.  Nothing fancy in terms of design, but its simplicity and earnestness won me over.  This waxed cotton motorcycle jacket, a collaboration with Lewis' Leathers, was one of my favorite pieces.

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Friday, October 28, 2011


Our newest drinking glasses:

image from uncommon goods, also available at pedlars

No, they're not plastic, they're ceramic, and they fool everyone!  Why do I think it's a great idea to fool people into thinking our nice drinking glasses are really just crumpled up pieces of plastic trash?  I don't know, I just do.  The crumples also make them super fun to hold, though a word of warning: if you put hot liquids in them they become decidedly less fun to hold.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

a new edge

I fell in love with all the oxfords and brogues at Church's in London, literally visiting them every day after class to try on different styles and colors (the store on Regent St. has tons of women's styles, even though online there's only a few to choose from), but I ultimately failed to make a decision before my time ran out.  I had been under strict orders from my mama to get myself a birthday present there, so, rather than incur her wrath, on my actual birthday I went to the Church's store here in Madrid.  They have styles and colors that they didn't even have in London!  (And vice versa.)  I went there planning on walking out with some wingtips, but instead I fell in love with these bad boys.   Meet Ketsby:

image from net-a-porter
Rock 'n roll menswear power boots.  They are unlike anything I own or have ever owned.  I don't want to anthropomorphize these guys too much, but I was really awed by how much they affected the way I felt about myself when I slipped them on.  That's the power of fashion, people, don't underestimate it!  They bring out a side of me I didn't even know was hiding in there.  And so they're not just a new pair of boots, they're part of the new me.   Pretty exciting stuff.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm back from my trip to London which was wonderful and amazing and inspiring and exciting and everything else I'd secretly hoped it would be, and which I will tell you all about later this week.  In the meantime, I hope you'll understand as I take one more day to myself to celebrate my day of birth.  Yup, it's my birthday!!!

image from look pictures
Sometimes birthdays come and go and feel special because we make them so: we plan a party, we eat cake, we open a few presents, but the day itself often holds little weight.  This birthday feels special; it really feels like a big one.  I can just feel myself opening up and the world opening up to me in response.  I know it sounds cheesy, but just indulge me, I'm feeling a little cheese balls today.  All I'm saying is, today truly feels like the beginning of a personal new year, and I'm celebrating big time.