Sunday, April 12, 2009

Morning Shopping - All Saints

Ok so I'm obsessed with this store. Stumbled into it in London 3 years ago and bought the pirate sweater and am still wearing it non stop. Now I just drool over the website while I have breakfast. I do wish they had more information for each piece, and photos of actual people wearing the stuff, but really mostly I just wish I could have everything they sell. Here's a sampling of today's wishlist. Sorry the pics are so small. Still not quite sure what I'm doing with this blog.

1) The perfect dance bag.

2) A perfect boot.

3) A gorgeous vest/top.

4) A nice little ram skull pin (never knew I needed one til now).

5) A multi-seasonal sandal.

6) A checkered snood. (Who doesn't need a snood? Who doesn't want to just say the word over and over?)

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