Thursday, October 23, 2014

tee time

Just to set the record straight, there is no shortage of t-shirts in my closet.  But graphic tees?  That's another matter.  I'm craving something slouchy and neutral (read: grey) with a unique and smart graphic printed on it.  So I scoured the web and found some that feel super personal, without me actually having to learn how to silk screen.  Plus, as a bonus, rather than buying from a superstore, you're supporting small businesses.  Like Zip-Dang in my hometown, responsible for the Great Lakes t-shirt above.

Check out these other great graphic tee finds...

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1. What self-respecting nerdball doesn't enjoy a healthy dose of NPR podcasts now and then? Fresh Air, All Songs Considered, Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! are all regular listens for me.  I should probably have the t-shirt to go with them, don't you think?

2. Love this Cinderella's Boxing tee from Arquebus Clothing (though the nerdball in me does wonder about that apostrophe).  In small print it says "Underdogs fight tough".  Mostly I just love the victorian ladies duking it out.

3. Even though at this point I've spent more years in Madrid than anywhere else in my life, Wisconsin will always be my #1 home.  Which means this tee is a must.  And if you're not from Wisconsin (which I'm guessing you're probably not), these guys have you covered regardless of your home state.  International readers, sorry, you'll just have to make your own!

4. This t-shirt is just too hilarious to pass up.  And I love that it's made in-house by a small t-shirt company in San Francisco.

5.  That same San Francisco t-shirt company, Buy Me Brunch, is responsible for this awesome drapey scoop-neck.

6. I couldn't resist adding this to the list.  I've been wanting one of these super cheesy animal print t-shirts for ages but am just too sheepish (ha ha) to pull the trigger.  I've seen these in person, they are too boxy and stiff, but a pair of scissors and this softening trick might just work their magic and transform this into the best t-shirt ever.

7. Another good one from Arquebus Clothing, but it comes with another grammar issue.  They're calling it the Calvary T-shirt, but I'm pretty sure they mean cavalry.  Spell check anyone?  Still, the word's not on the t-shirt and I love the image.

8. This is another one at the top of my list because This American Life is the best podcast/radio show ever.  Seriously.  If you don't listen to it regularly, start now, it is just so damn good.  And I can't believe I haven't bought myself one of these t-shirts yet.

Do you do graphic tees?  Where do you get yours?  Are they charged with sentimental meaning or are they just the freebies from some pharmaceutical company your uncle works for?

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