Thursday, July 2, 2009

Morning Shopping - Coop Sale

Funny, I seem obsessed with jewelry lately. Maybe because I'm so hot, I don't really feel like wearing clothes. Just some bangles and a necklace and I'm out the door. Actually dreamt I didn't have any pants on last night, but it wasn't embarrassing at all. My attitude was that if anyone else was embarrassed they shouldn't be looking.

But I digress. Barney's Coop has pretty much gone on sale, the entire store, and all I'm really attracted to is the jewelry.

Cool, huh? And then this one I liked too, but I'm mostly posting it as a reminder to myself to make one. Should be pretty easy, and it seems like such a useful piece, and I'm pretty sure I could make it for less than $325.

As for the clothing, what can I say, I guess I'm boring, but all I want is this perfect little cotton cardigan that comes in both light grey and cream (I'll take both, thanks).

And also these chocolate cords. Which really is ridiculous, because when I was at the Coop in person I bought 2 pairs of these (and yes, of course, I did get them at this fabulously low sale price), one in the deepest darkest black ever seen on a pant and one in the most luscious gorgeous midnight foresty teal green. They look almost like velvet, and feel equally decadent. What can I say, brown would be nice too...


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