Tuesday, January 25, 2011

holy grail

People on makeup blogs and forums talk a lot about Holy Grail products. I've always understood this in some abstract theoretical way, but seriously, how can one lipstick be perfect? One blush? Even one foundation? Don't you always keep an eye out for the next best thing? I guess I've never been very monogamous when it comes to cosmetics. I can't help it, I love the hunt and the discovery, just like all other kinds of shopping. It's not about having that perfect item and being satisfied, it's about exploration. But now, I have to say, I understand. I have found my hg foundation.

Unfortunately it's a mix of two foundations. I say unfortunately because this not only necessitates the purchase of two pricey foundations, but also because I have to be a kind of a mad chemist in the mornings.Which in itself is another thing I'd never understood, people mixing foundations. Can't you just find a better one? Well I'm a convert. I'm here to tell you that when you find the perfect mix, there is no better one.

My perfect mix: equal parts Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (number 5) and Armani Face Fabric (number 2). The LSF on its own was a tad too dark to look natural on me in the morning, and felt slightly makeup-y, if that makes sense. And the Face Fabric was a touch too light, and also it's crazy airbrushing effect made me feel a little doll-like (although somehow without feeling too made up. I don't know, I can't really explain it). On my last trip to San Francisco I was explaining all this to the SA at Bloomingdales, all the while thinking, why would she care, and what could she possibly tell me that I dont' already know? Turns out she was amazing. She took one look at me and said 'Mix 'em'. She said, 'It'll make your skin look thicker, more opaque and healthy'. Then she told me all of these other things you can do with Face Fabric, use a lighter one for highlights, a darker one for contours or bronzing, even put it on top of your blush to tone down a too-bright color (wha? really?). She also almost convinced me I needed the Armani foundation brush, but I managed to resist and walked out with only a tube of my Face Fabric. And then, between the holidays and the traveling and what not, I forgot all about this.

Until the other day, when I mixed them, and something magical happened. I know, it sounds absurd, but I'm telling you. The shade was perfect, the texture amazing. Glowy and luminous but still had that matte photoshopped look, but so natural. And even though I had no idea what she meant at the time, the SA was right, my skin looked thicker, in a healthy robust kind of way. And I literally can't tell I'm wearing makeup. Except that my skin looks amazing. Well, that and the fact that I put the makeup on myself in the morning. But still, just saying. Holy Grail stuff folks.


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