Monday, April 25, 2011

balenciaga cut outs

Hello funny shoe boot cut out thing. I think you're pretty cool.

You look cute with fun socks, and even cuter showing a little skin underneath.  Either way.  If I had $1275 to spare, maybe I'd think about adopting you.

For now I'll just admire you from afar.  Thanks for being so different.


  1. those shoes are great, the price not so much! since their probably isn't enough wishful thinking in the world to get me those, i'll just have to join you in simply admiring those beauties! such a shame!

  2. These thingies (can't call them anything else) have attitude! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh man. I need those.

    So funky!


  4. I'm sooo glad they aren't $600.

  5. I get it, if they were cheap the whole earth would be walking around in them and they wouldn't be this awesome anymore.
    but still, unfair.

  6. hehe great minds think alike! i jst did a post on these bad boys! im still unsure of them...


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