Thursday, March 10, 2011

look who came home with me

So far I see two dangers in my not dancing.  1) I'm gaining weight.  2) I'm shopping more.  I suppose I could eat less and shop less, but I ask you, where's the fun in that?  Plus, doc says I'd get my hearing back in 3 weeks, so how much damage could I really do in either of those areas?  (Don't answer that)

Yesterday I went out for a new notebook and went straight to Muji, which I absolutely LOVE.  After over an hour spent fondling everything in the store, I walked out with my notebook (mission accomplished!), slippers, and a book stand.

Did my feeling of victory at a job well done stop me from shopping more? Course not, silly!

On to H&M, where I picked up what I think is a super find.

It's slightly sheer, and very flowy, and I'm looking forward to wearing it as is or unbuttoned over a wife-beater when the weather warms up. 

Meanwhile, I think I'll be rocking it like this: 

Also making its way into my bag was this drapy fluid tank from Zara (tried on only 6 items, thank you very much).  I have no idea how or why I'm going to wear safety orange, but I can't resist the spring color-fever that's going around.

It may go back to the store if I can't find a way of wearing it without looking like I'm a) a pumpkin, b) gearing up for Halloween, c) going hunting, d) out of jail on a day pass, or e) directing traffic.


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