Monday, May 16, 2011


Have you heard of R13?  I hadn't until I ran into it this weekend.  It is yet another luxury denim line, but this one's made of Italian and Turkish (hooray!) fabrics, produced in Italy.  To be honest I didn't even see the denim.  What I saw was this:

Yes, it may look like just a sweatshirt to you, but I swear, it's not.  It feels like heaven.  It's just cotton, but it feels like it's made of clouds and baby lamb hugs.  The fit is perfect, just slouchy enough, but with slim and extra long sleeves.

Oh and one other detail:  it's mine!  Yes, I paid big money for a sweatshirt.  But I'm never going to have to buy one again.  So there, purchase justified.  Now I'd like to justify a few more things from the line.  For example, did you notice the pants in the above photo?  Don't they look comfy and beautiful at the same time?  They have the unfortunate name of 'sweat jeans' (what is it with these new terms? why do we have to name all the new styles and cuts now?), but I think they're gorgeous.

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I also tried on this jacket, but didn't have enough change in my pockets to purchase. 

Aside from the classic black it also comes in dirty white and distressed silver, which I think is my personal favorite.  And yes dear readers, I promise I will buy myself a motorcycle jacket soon so I stop hounding you with them.

They also make what appears to be the ultimate hoodie, which I know my mother will not care for at all, but it's just that the sweatshirt I bought is so perfect, and I have been on the lookout for the holy grail hoodie to replace my 15 pretty-cheap-but-not-so-perfect ones (I swear I'd throw those out...)  I don't think those zippers on the shoulders do anything, but in this case I'm waiving my objection to non-functional hardware.  It would layer under all my coats jackets and blazers so perfectly.

In conclusion, yes, another overpriced line for jeans and casual comfy clothes.  But people, there's a reason these things are priced so high, and it's not (in some cases) just for the brand name.  The cut, the fabric, the quality, the attention to detail, this is what we pay for when we pay through the nose for, yes, a sweatshirt.


  1. its always cool to have that comfortable cute sweater
    and yet still look chic pairing it with a pair of designer jeans
    good post, maybe you can checkout and follow my blog if you like?

  2. wow this brand is amazing!
    thanks for introducing me,
    i will go check it out after this.
    that sweater is amazing, great purchase.
    and the jeans look so incredible!
    thanks again!


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