Monday, May 2, 2011

to keep or not to keep

I need your advice.

There's a new addition to my clog family, but it's on probation.  I may have to return them, because I am a logical, rational, reasonable person, fully capable of self-awareness and recognizing shoe redundancy.  On the other hand, they sure are cute.

For a few years now, I, along with every other clog lover in the world, have been drooling over Swedish Hasbeens, as evidenced way back when. (side note: have you seen the new loafers?  I think they're so fun(ny) and wonderful).  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about the Hasbeen/H&M collaboration.  For me this was bigger than Lanvin, bigger than Comme des Garçons, bigger even than Lagerfeld.  So when the clogs hit the stores I literally ran to H&M on Gran Via and like a maniac tried them all on.  I thought I was going to go home with the nude multi-strap pair, but for larger-calved ladies let me tell you, it is not a flattering design.

In the end I came home with these cherry red babies.  I can't wait to wear them with rolled up loose jeans and trousers and long flowing dresses.  They're super comfortable, the soles are incredibly light weight, and they feel like they'll hardly need any break-in time at all.  There's only one problem... I'm having trouble justifying them.

Why?  Cause I already have this little collection of clogs here:

left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Zara, Hakei

The new ones are like the love child of the mules and the sandals, and really how many pairs of clogs can a girl have (especially considering I'm still lusting after the bootie versions and now those damn loafers too)?  But then the thought of returning them makes me want to raise my voice and shout out the battle cry of the chronic shopper: "But these are totally different!"  What do you think?  To keep or not to keep?  Was this purchase unwarrented?  Or do they make for the perfect addition to the family? 

clog family portrait


  1. me gustan los azules de la primera foto, de donde son???


  2. I LOOVE CLOGES!!Just bought some myself last week!

  3. V.V. - los azules son Marc by Marc Jacobs, pero de hace por lo menos 4 años. A mi tambien me encantan pero son menos comodos de lo que me gustaria...

  4. very cute, but not really my style. I would love to see you wear these in an outfit tough, maybe that'd change my mind :p


  5. okay, seriously YOUR shoes are cute!!

    i got the ones that u liked at salvation army for $25. when i saw them there i couldnt believe! they are knock-offs of marni :))

  6. they are way cute!! they remind me of sandals i had when i was a little girl <3


  7. ha! you do have a clog obsession... i love them all, especially those blue marc by marc jacobs with that great zipper detail.

    keep. absolutely keep them. you'll be glad you did. :)

    i think i'm going to settle on a pair soon, too.

  8. Your Marc Jacobs ones are amazing. I would def keep the H&M SHs. I love my mules.

  9. They are so cute! I am a larger calved woman as well, so I understand that finding a flattering pair of shoes is key. ;) I have a pair of Swedish HasBeens and I love them. They keep getting more and more comfortable the more I wear them...

  10. KEEP them. C'mon, H&M and Swedish Hasbeen... you are nuts to return them - and they are adorbable. I wish I was still in the city - I would have run to H&M too!
    If it makes you feel better, I have 7 pairs (2 are SH)! So take it from where it comes ; )

  11. You should definetely keep them. They're so cute ! Thank you so much for your comment. Keep checking out my blog :

  12. I think you should keep them, even the most conscious shopper must be allowed a little pleasure :)


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