Monday, April 21, 2014


What.  I'm sorry, are you the boots I didn't even know I needed but now I can think of nothing else?  Yeah, I thought so.  A true hybrid, these little ankle booties are part western, part victorian lace-up, part moto, part dessert, part dainty and part bad-ass.  I think I'm in love.

The Esquina booties from Freebird by Steven.  Have I been under a rock that I'd never heard of this Freebird line before?  Some really good stuff here.  Oh, and these come in distressed bleach-splattered black too...

Looks like they're selling out fast though, so if you're interested you'd better hurry.  The black ones are on sale over at Revolve, only one left in - would you look at that - in my size!  But my heart really belongs to those taupe bad boys.  Knowing me I'm just going to sit on my butt and fantasize about them til they're sold out, but wouldn't it be nice if I actually took the plunge?  I can just picture wearing them every single day... sigh...


  1. O'h my God, where did these little beauties come from? Thank you for sharing! xx

  2. Holy sheep, that is just too perfect.

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