Monday, May 30, 2011

zara macho

You guys check the men's section at Zara too, right?  Because I have to say, there are so many wonderful bags and scarves and hats to be had there, and the occasional belt or pajama bottoms too.  The other day when I was buying my hot pink pants the line at the checkout was so long I headed over to the empty men's department.  (Why was I the only one who thought of this?)  Anyway, once there I got totally distracted by what would be my umpteenth dance bag, but it was so tempting I could barely keep my hands off it.  It would be a perfect bag for the gym or studio, or a quick weekend trip or even as a carry-on.

 In case you don't regularly trawl the men's sections of your favorite stores, here's a some more of my picks from Zara hombre:

more scarves 'n bags 'n hats 'n things after the jump...


  1. yeah, ignoring the mens' section can be a huge mistake sometimes! i've found some of my favorite things there before. that canvas bag is awesome.

  2. Zara is my absolute fav. And I love shopping the Men's section. The best place to do that is H&M.

    have a great day!
    - stephanie


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