Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sometimes i want to

...chop it all off.  I think the hot weather brings it out in me.  I always say that I can't because having long hair is sort of a job requirement, but lately I seem to care less and less what the job "requires" of me.  Here's some styles I think are particularly lovely, and therefore particularly tempting, from shaggy to pixie:

First and foremost, Freja.  I know we've seen her with this hair over and over, and my husband thinks it's hideous, and my hair's not nearly this wavy naturally, but still, I can't help it, I just love it.  

She's had so many gorgeous hairstyles, but it is hard to know if they'd look nearly as good on someone with a less perfect face.  Here's the shorter version, thick and then more thinned out:

more photos of Freja and others (I swear) after the jump...

Even shorter.  Just as stunning.

Moving on.

ScarJo's jaggedy-edged bob also really excites me.  Do you think it takes a lot of work and/or product to get it to look so perfectly messy?

Carmen Kass looks stunning with this short side-swept do.

And of course, I couldn't leave out Rihanna.

Any ANTM fans out there?  Anyone love the final chop they gave Brittani (on the right, in case you don't follow the show)?  So damn cute.

On the other hand, I kind of love my long layered red hair, and I can do fun things with it, I can wear it down or throw it up, let it peek out from under a hat...  Also I'm kind of a chicken.  I'll try any color at all, but cutting makes me much more nervous.  So the truth is I probably won't cut my hair at all, but it still is fun to fantasize, don't you think?


  1. Well, she has a really nice face so ... But in my case, I prefer very long straight hair ... Not easy to get them !! Thanks for your comment !! xoxox

  2. i say go for it if you're really wanting to try it out! personally though, i just can't pull off short hair : /

  3. Brittani looked like a doll, literally, with this short cut. Love it and love her... so glad she WON!

    BTW, nice job keeping those clogs. You won't regret it.

  4. Funny! I got Freja's Chanel cut back in October! It was super cute. But I decided I'm not a fringe girl...

  5. My hair is naturally very straight so I would just add some texture with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and break it up with a flat iron.

    My facial features are very similar to Freja's (not as skinny!) but I wasn't in love with the cut on me as I am on her...

  6. ahh i love her so much!!!

    follow me


  7. ooh those are all gorgeous short cuts.

    i really like scarlet's jagged cut... but the Freja is my absolute fave.

    I'd love to chop mine off, but I'm pretty terrified I'd look terrible!

  8. Got the Freja hair cut last year. Have been happy for it. I have straight flat hair but the cut made it like F's + Sebastian products.


  9. Got the Freja hair cut last year. Have been happy for it. I have straight flat hair but the cut made it like F's + Sebastian products.


  10. I definitely LOVE Freja's cut...go for it!

    XO Sahra

  11. I know it's Vicky Beckham (or however you spell it), but how about this one?


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