Sunday, September 11, 2011

sleep deprivation

I'm back home!  Well, back in one of my homes.  The nomadic part of my life seems to be kicking in in full force this year.  In any case, it feels great to be back in my apartment with my husband.  The only problem is that I am so sleepy it hurts.  The ugly jetlag monster has me in its jaws..  So all I want to do right now is curl up on the couch with husband, eat some good food, and maybe play a video game or two to stay awake.  Would be nice to curl up in this, wouldn't it?

And wear it all winter long as if it's totally normal to walk around with a blanket slung over your shoulders?  And dye your hair deep rich red again?  Just saying...


  1. cool look!

  2. I just got one (albeit a much cheaper version) - it's gray and black. I thin with leggings and tall boots I'll be just fine. No matter, I'll work it anyway. : )

  3. i love this look! hair, lips, and outfit very inspirational~


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