Monday, October 17, 2011

blood sucker

Last night our bedroom was invaded by an Evil Mosquito.  She tortured us all night long, with her buzzing, blood-sucking, poison-injecting ways.  At some point I looked over at husband, who had covered his entire face with the blanket, and I worried that he might suffocate to death, but my primary concern was still surviving the night myself.  Eventually I got up and turned the living room light on in the hopes that she would go to the light like a lost soul, and I think it may have worked because I did get a few hours' sleep towards dawn.  But when I woke up, my right eye was swollen shut.  Seriously, why would she bother?  I mean, how much blood can there even be in an eyelid?  Got up, looked in the mirror, and a monster stared back at me.  Not much I could do at that point except whine and complain, take some benadryl, and put on some fabulous sunglasses to hide behind.  Thank goodness I have these:

Rag & Bone vespa sunglasses, in a beautiful subtle green, available at Twigs for 50% off the original price.  (Again with the good shopping in Madison, what's up with that?).

Hideous bulbous eyelid concealed.  Now I just have to go take a nap from all that Bendaryl.


  1. I'm sure the mosquito's intention was to remind you of home - you know, mosquito as the state bird of Wisconsin.

  2. Those are radical and that sucks about the mosquito. The worst at night. :(

  3. SO sorry to hear about your mosquito plight--that's the worst, but wow--wouldn't those glasses be just the thing to put you in a better mood. Just love the color!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. cool glasses!


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