Sunday, October 9, 2011

ikea sunday

No such thing as a quick trip into Ikea, especially on a sunday.  It's a madhouse, and you inevitably get sucked in.  But we managed to accomplish our mission and got me a table for my sewing/work space in the back room, and a chair to go with it.

I love that Bjorkudden is solid pine and not your typical ikea laminate, and that Bernhard doesn't look like a standard desk chair.  Bernie's very comfortable though, and I couldn't resist the color!  (Does everyone end up calling their Ikea furniture by their original names or some shortened version thereof?  It's not just us, is it?  We have a leather Henriksdal chair that we just call Harry.  Harry's swell.)

But of course we got distracted and also brought home colored glasses, a mug, a mirror and some candles.

And then there's all the things we almost bought...

Brada laptop support (so your legs don't get hot when you couch surf)

Karlstad (kind of Mad Men, don't you think?) 

Ektorp (ok, so we didn't almost buy this, but I would love a big red armchair in the back room!)

Skogaby (such a great price for leather!)

Alvros (like sitting on a piece of heaven)


  1. Ikea is a like some sort of magical trap. I always have to stop and go through everything that has made its way into my massive yellow bag before I check out... I normally wind up leaving behind half of the contents because the most unnecessary things seem to sneak in! Love your choices. I'm totally a sucker for Ikea candles - they're the best. xx


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