Thursday, November 10, 2011

viva mexico

Since I didn't have time to do any shopping in mexico I'm doing it now and pretending I'm still there.  Long live the internet.

I'm loving these vintage embroidered pieces from Aida Coronado's etsy shop.  She also has a separate online store with over 350 pieces which ate up a good chunk of my morning.   

Check out a sampling of the collection after the jump...

These huipil tops are some of my absolute favorites, with their weird square shape and intricate embroidery.

Sunny tunic dresses in turquoise and  blue 

Slightly more understated pieces in black and white

Some sweetly embroidered floral bags

And some intricate beaded jewelry (they put our little friendship bracelets to shame, don't they?)


  1. Love these! I might be inspired to try making and embroidering a dress like this :) Thanks for shareing!

  2. cute dress! love the prints!

  3. that shop is amazing! she has so much stuff. wow.

    you should get the hasbeen boots. they're on sale on the hasbeen site. :)


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