Friday, November 11, 2011

our satchel

I know, I know, these bags from Cambridge Satchel Company have been all over the fashion blogs and magazines for ages now.  I liked them, but I honestly couldn't get all worked up about them.  That is, until I was in London a few weeks ago and saw the special collaborations available at Pedlar's in Selfridges.  They had them in silver, gold, a beautiful robin's egg blue, and the one that really blew us away, black patent leather.*   I say us because my husband fell madly in love with it too.  So of course, we had to buy it.  We're "sharing" it.  I'll let you know how well that works out, I have a sneaking suspicion one of us might abscond with the goods, though I'm not sure which one.

*image here is of a special collaboration with asos, a slightly bigger version of the one we bought


  1. love this, i want one!
    diggin' your blog too, now a follower :)

    follow back? eye_spy

  2. love it!!!


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