Tuesday, June 26, 2012

no light, no light

Yesterday our power went out.  Some mix-up between our landlord and the bank and the power company and medieval times, and we are the ones with no light, no fridge, no internet, no tv, no phone, no hot water.  And, as we reach 104° today, no air conditioning.  Today I'm posting from a little cafe near the house, but who knows when we will have light again.  Unsurprisingly, I cannot get this song out of my head.


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    1. We got our power back on, so I don't think I have to run away to another country just yet... Plus I'm only here for another 3 weeks (or less?!) before I head home. See you there in September?

  2. nice song...no electricity, I know what you are talking about, I live at the moment in Greece on one of the islands...and it happens all the time, but you know what is much worse then no light...NO WATER...

    1. Trust me, every single time I flushed the toilet I thought, thank god we have water!

  3. What a sweet song!Wish you have a good day!

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    Oh, and if you're talking about blowing your power, try California, USA. In northern California when I lived there for years, it happened right in the city of San Francisco all the time. Whole blocks would burn out. And also on the peninsula, in Contra Costa County, which is supposed to be a rich area, during the summer we would have blackouts,and "brownouts", no power, your refrigerators rot, and you die of the heat. It can get 108° there in the summer. Miserable! And California supposed to be a rich state! No way.I can understand blowing your power on an island, but in the middle of wealthy California?


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