Thursday, August 16, 2012

couldn't resist

I know I was just talking about Madewell's current offerings a few days ago, so this post is highly inappropriate, but you're just going to have to deal with it.   What's new since then?  Well, I've been into the actual store, touching and ogling and trying on almost everything in there.  This sweater jumped into my bag (I gave them some money in exchange, don't worry), in blue of course, though now that I've seen the way they've styled this photo I want it in pink as well.  Because the main thing I am now coveting is that shirt she's got underneath.  I tried it on and man, in person, that is perfection.

Slightly sheer gauzy silk in this poppy red that reminds me of my favorite lipstick (Nars Heat Wave, in case you're looking for a good red lippie), it's masculine in shape but perfectly fitted and beautifully draped at the same time.  I have to have it.  And then we'll talk about whether or not I need the pink sweater to go over it...


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