Friday, August 31, 2012

dear zara

I know you have a crazy fast turnover and that's part of why you're so successful, but please keep this coat in stock for another month so I can buy it when I get back to Spain.  Ok?  I'm kind of in love with it.  Thanks.

P.s.  Your boots are kind of cool too.


  1. That coat is actually fabulous, and I love those boots too! :) x

  2. i can see why you like it. they had a similar but not quite like it last year, and I was insanely in love with it. Bought it right away. but, like all the stuff I buy at Zara it tore. after only 2 weeks I noticed a tear on the inside. returned it, took another. It wasn`t that difficult to exchange it but, I am frustrated that I need to exchange every Zara purchase. Last spring it was twotoned flat pump sandals (they were to die for), before that a pair of pants... and I am gentle with my clothes. I really am.

    Good luck with the coat. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Love the coat!It's really amazing!And the boots are so cool!


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