Wednesday, October 24, 2012

daily monster

Artist, graphic designer and writer Stefan G. Bucher draws a monster every day.  They start of with a small puddle of ink and a gust of air, and from there his imagination has free reign.  Watching them emerge in these high-speed videos is almost as thrilling as it must be to make them.  There's literally hundreds of daily monster videos in the archives here, so head over and check them out, but be warned: you may lose an entire day to it.

Here's a few more monsters to whet your appetite...

ps - there's also an app to make your own little monsters.  A little slow-running but definitely fun enough to compensate.
pps - I found out about Stephan's work through this wonderful little documentary on, I highly recommend both the film and signing up for the entire site.  It's amazing.

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