Friday, November 2, 2012

a moisture fix

I ran out of my favorite winter daytime moisturizer.  Like, really ran out, as you can see by the ravaged bottle on the left.  This was a real disaster because I can't find Boscia products anywhere here in Madrid.  Usually I stock up on this stuff when I'm in the states, but this summer I thought, come on, there's got to be decent moisturizer in Spain.  Right?  So now of course I had to spend days researching, reading reviews and recommendations on beautypedia (I totally trust Paula) and makeup alley, and trying out all the samples I could get my hands on.  (I may have mentioned it here before: I'm a chronic researcher.)  But this is a tough one, it had to have the right spf for rainy grey winter days, it had to be lightweight but still moisturizing, it had to have a natural matte finish that leaves you neither shiny nor flat, it had to be gentle and non-comedogenic for my sensitive and acne-prone skin, and it had to deal well with sweat so I could get through my morning ballet class without any weird meltdowns.  That's a lot to ask.

But I found it!  And in case any of you out there have similar requirements I thought you might be interested.  Big thumbs up to MAC Studio Moisture Fix, it does everything I wanted, plus it smells so lovely and fresh it makes me just a wee bit happier in the mornings.


  1. great blog!

  2. Ugh. I ran out of my moisturizer (for acne-prone, but sensitive skin) and have been going through new ones. Boscia was one I've been wanting to try. I've never thought of MAC for moisturizer. I kind of associated MAC with heavy makeup (at least for me, in my teenage days).

    1. I have the same MAC associations as you do and never would have thought of checking them out for facial products, but honestly I'm so glad I did. 9 months later I'm still using this stuff and still loving it. For the sunny summer days I wear something with a higher spf, but in the winter and when it's cloudy, I go with this. let me know if you try it!


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