Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Music

So, after a weekend of much chocolate eating and Ghost Whisperer watching and manic house cleaning, and ok, some crying too, I am over the whole audition thing. Took 2 days. Not bad, right? So today I'm feeling a pep in my step, and am even involuntarily rhyming. If it weren't for a teeny bit of a sore throat I would feel unstoppable. Part of it is that I found some happy music on my ipod, that I guess I'd forgotten to throw on any playlists and so it was just hiding there. Spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out a way to share it with you, and I think I've got it. Imeem seems like a pretty cool website too, which is a nice byproduct of all this, though I haven't really explored it much.

Big Kid Table - Thao

Tired - Adele

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