Monday, May 19, 2014

white nights

It's getting warmer and warmer, time to switch out the winter sweaters, coats, and boots for tank tops,  linen t-shirts, and sandals.  I love that.  Also time to bust out the summer pajamas, or treat yourself to a new little nightie.  I'm craving something light and airy and white with a touch of embroidery.  Like these little beauties from  Zara Home.  That's right folks, Zara Home.  Did you even know they did lounge clothes?  Well they do, and they do them damn well.

Have you made the switch to summer pjs and clothing yet?  Do you treat yourself to a little something when the seasons change?


  1. No but I'm thinking that I should now. I keep the same pj bots in the wardrobe all year round and depending on how warm or cold it is, I pull out thicker brushed cotton type ones or light cotton for summer nights. I used to wear lovely nightwear but it all seems to have gone to pot in recent years. I love those nighties - they are what I call very "Laura Ashley".

  2. I love white too much for my own good, litterally—I'm constantly spilling on myself. Nonetheless, I'm so glad the season to wear white dresses has finally arrived!


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