Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Cow.

In my effort to embrace my life here in Madrid, and more conscientiously enjoy all things spanish, or at least experience them, I started buying cheese at the deli counter instead of in packages. I know, sounds like a simple thing, but I don't know anything about cheese, I've come to it late in life, and I would have no idea how to buy some in english even with a friendly person helping me, let alone here. So today I hit the store, which amazingly is open on a sunday. Easter Sunday no less. (Happy Easter by the way.) And I head over to the cheese counter and ask, "Can you tell me a little about the cheese from the Pyrenees?" (It doesn't rhyme in Spanish, so it didn't sound as silly as it appears here.) "Cow" she says. "Sorry?" "Cow. Just Cow." Deadpan, no smile, no hint of more information to come, Just Cow. So I smiled and said thanks, I'll have the Mixed Soft. No idea what Mixed Soft is either, but I'm eating it right now and it sure is tasty. Suppose the pyrenees could have been good too, but somehow "cow" doesn't seem like much of a recommendation. Viva EspaƱa!

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  1. next time she say' cow, you say 'sheep'. really.


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