Friday, April 24, 2009

Momento mu' Madrí

Sun's out. It's a high of 80 today. Awesome. I wake up with energy and feeling happy. And adventurous apparently. This outfit seems so Madrid to me, and I think even a year ago I would have never done it, but I think it's time I just embrace it. And as an added bonus, it's the first time that I ever wear a belt no in belt loops, and not with the purpose of holding up my pants. Well, when I was really little my mom had these wide patent leather belts in white and pink (it was the 80s. in LA.) and I remember wearing them as bandeau tops. But since then they've pretty much just kept my pants on for me.

Burnout tank - Alternative Apparel; perfect black layering tank - Target; belt - Urban Outfitters (sidewalk sale in Madison many years ago); pants (which last year I couldn't wear cause they were soooo tight!) - H&M; high-top sneakers - Palladium


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