Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's open. The super duper discount little sister spin-off of, I meant to get this up yesterday when I got the email announcement, but I had some issues with my photo uploading. All cleared up now though, so even though this is now old news, I'm going ahead with it. Apparently I'd signed up asking for an email when they were up and running, as if I don't have enough distractions in my life, and yesterday when I got home from the studio, there it was. So I sat down with my big ol' spinach salad to browse through it, and of course ended up forgetting to eat. Now in case you think you might not be able to spend as much time there as you do on the big sister site because they have so much less stock, you have to realize that the websites for different countries have different inventories. So yes, I had to look at everything on both the US site and the Spanish one. Some deals don't seem like much of a deal (30% off $2695 = still too much), but some things really are extremely discounted. Here's some of the things I want, and yes, one of them is the afore-mentioned not-a-great-deal. But it's so beautiful I have to post it anyway.

Rick Owens Shearling Bomber Jacket $1886.50

Miu Miu Multi-Panelled Chiffon Dress 329.09€

Burberry Hazelton Trench 550€


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