Friday, May 15, 2009

All tore up

Madrid is all under construction. It has been pretty much since I moved here 4 years ago, and really reached a feverish pitch when they were making their bid for the 2012 Olympics, and I guess even though we didn't get it, they're following through on it. Some areas have really improved. Calle Arenal over at Puerta del Sol is now just a pedestrian street and is really nice just to stroll down. Plaza Tirso de Molina was completely redone and now even most of the junkies have moved on, and there's a little play area for kids and lots of little flower stands. Things really are being improved, so I don't want to complain too much. But lately it's moved into my neighborhood. And all the streets around my house, yes, all of them, are being torn up. It's noisy and dusty and more than slightly annoying. Hopefully it'll be done soon, and I'm sure it will all be lovely, but til then, I've switched to some pretty roundabout ways of going places.

The other day I was passing by this tiny little two-block long street and overheard a woman say to her friend "Que es lo que quieren hacer confesar a esta pobre calle?"

"What are they trying to make this poor street confess to?"

I just thought it was so sweet and perfectly put. I hope the little guy's torture ends soon. And mine too.


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