Friday, May 15, 2009

San Isidro

Today's a holiday in Madrid. That in itself is not usually newsworthy; it seems like every other week there's a holiday here. Which usually means (as it did today) that I can't get much of anything done (today for example, the gym: closed. Threading place: closed.) But today's not just any holiday. It's a fun one. It's Día de San Isidro, patron saint of Madrid. It's one of the holidays that make me so happy to be living here in Spain. Why? It's a dress-up holiday. I love these. And that makes me a very lucky person, because they seem to have a lot of them here. No one seems to feel silly at all, and people just walk around in their costumes like it aint no thang.

And while for example, feria costumes (in Sevilla) I think are pretty hot (seriously), Madrid costumes are not exactly the most flattering. In my humble opinion, of course. Case in point:

(please click on this one to enlarge it, you've got to see them in all their glory)
To me it looks pretty Brothers Grimm.

And what I love also is that it's not like they go to a special camp ground or private party or secret Madrid fan club. Yes, I'm sure they're on their way somewhere; I know there's all kinds of events going on at Plaza Mayor and Casa del Campo, and at the bull ring in Ventas. But you see them just walking around the streets. Taking the metro. Having lunch, or coffee. This lady seems to be thinking that Asian food sounds pretty good:

Starbucks anyone?

I love it. And so this time I say it with no sarcasm whatsoever: Viva España!


  1. ah, when i'm old and finally fearless!

  2. Starbucks and san isidro ladies! An instant classic!


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