Friday, May 8, 2009

Almost but not quite

Next stop: Blanco. Blanco is one of these mega chain stores here, filled with tons of madly trendy clothes cheaply made for tiny people who don't want to spend lots of money. So for the most part, it's too tiny and trendy for me. But that doesn't mean I don't go in there. And I've actually found quite a few things there that I love, unlike the similar Bershka (when will I ever learn not to go in there?!). Today it was slim pickings. A lot of sailor-inspired stuff, some zebra print, lots of feathers, and umpteen pairs of teeny tiny skinny jeans in various states of distress and ruin, zippers and studs galore. But I did manage to find a few things I liked.

These bracelets all come together, for 6 Euros. And yes, of course, when you look at them up close, they are total shit. The quality is crap and each one individually is barely better than ugly. But I liked them all together like that. Of course I didn't buy them, but it was nice to see the combination, something I really wouldn't have thought of on my own. Something I can do with bracelets I already own (or will soon...) that will be, obviously, not made of crap.

I also found an extremely attractive little cardigan. In this gorgeous vibrant dark blue color. Some might be tempted to call it navvy, but it's really much brighter than that, although nowhere near a royal blue. Just a really nice rich neutral dark cardigan I thought.

Problem? Fiber content: 80% Viscose 20% Nylon. I have a sweater from there with the same genetic makeup, and it's fine for winter. but since this would be a summer nights cardigan, I thought maybe I shouldn't. Then again, for 13 Euros... I'm still thinking about it.


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