Friday, May 8, 2009

Muji madness

First on my list of things to do was hit Muji. I love this store. The have stationary stuff and travel stuff and house stuff and clothing and some toys for kids, but everything feels so clean and simple and efficient and zen and beautifully designed and well thought-out. And they have the best travel bottles, which is why I was heading there. I needed one for my salicylic acid for when I travel, and one for salad dressing for taking lunch to the studio. Nothing worse than a soggy salad, so this will hugely increase my quality of living. So I did that, and then I picked up a perfect tiny little pill box for my vitamins and vid for when I travel. And then I saw that they had wonderful scented candles, which I'd never noticed before, so I picked up one of the smaller ones to try it out. I'll let you know how that fares.

Then I went downstairs and fell in love with a cute jersey apron. But does a girl need more than one apron? I always forget to put it on anyway, hence the fishy oil splattered all over my pjs the other day. So I just kept walking. And then I saw this wonderful recycled glass water jug with a drinking glass that fits on top,

reminded me of the ones they have at my uncle's glass school and I wanted it wanted it wanted it. But I have a water bottle at home, and it's fine. So I moved on.

And then I ran out of discipline. I mean seriously, how long is a girl supposed to be able to resist all this stuff? I got to the clothing section, which is pretty tiny and to be honest I'd never really paid much attention to it. But something caught my eye. The perfect shit. I shit you not.

I've been looking for an oversized men's shirt for a long long time now. I have my dad's old shirts but those are extremely oversized. I found one I loved at a little boutique near my house but it ws over 300 Euros. There was one at Top Shop a while back but it felt too sloppy, not purposeful enough. I got an actual men's shirt at the GAP in San Francisco, but my husband said it was enormous on me and just looked like I was wearing a man's shirt. Which is kind of what I want. But only kind of. So I think this is it. And yeah, that's me looking sheepish because I'm not used to taking pictures of myself in dressing rooms.

It's white with tiny grey stripes on it. No buttons anywhere, and just one beautiful pleat down the front. Here you can see it unbelted and also the detail of the side - look at that perfect hem line? That's what makes it not a men's shirt. That's what I'm talking about.

It also comes in a gorgeous blue checkered pattern. At the store I liked the stripes better, but now that I look at the photos, I'm torn.

Only thing is, there were no smalls. I asked the girl who worked there, who was actually super nice and helpful (and surprise, not spanish) and she checked their system and there were no smalls left anywhere in Spain. So the question now is, can I just go ahead and buy a medium? It's a little roomy in the shoulders, I don't think there's any denying that. And my fear is that with a shirt like this, if it doesn't fit right where it's actually supposed to fit, the whole thing will just look sloppy. But dammit, I wannit. What's a girl to do?! I did what I usually do in these situations. Nothing. I will begin the courting process, going back from time to time to visit, until either my love for it grows to the point where I can't stand it anymore and just have to have it, or someone else buys it.

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  1. I see the dilemma. The dark one is very pretty, but the white one is kind of fresh and alive. Not alive, like it's gonna crawl into your bed at night and try to kill you, but like it's got energy, as much energy as an inanimate object can have I guess. Although racing cars have a lot of energy too, but a different kind... But I digress! They're both very pretty. Perhaps the dark one's more formal. You look great either way :)


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