Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are we dancer?

No, it's not an existential question, though lately I have sort of been asking myself that (albeit with better grammar). Maybe I'm just super out of touch here, but the other day when I was on my big 10 Euro splurge at H&M, I heard this song playing, and I just cracked up. I swear this is what the guy says:

"Are we human? Or are we dancer? My sign is vital. My hands are cold."

Wha? I thought, this is awesome, this is some crazy german band or something that doesn't speak english at all but they were like, let's write a big hit in english and we'll be international super stars, and then it actually happened! I saw the whole E-inside story about it in my head, the made-for-tv movie about their rise to stardom singing nonsense. I loved it.

But then I came home and looked it up. Yeah. Not german. Not even british (which somehow would have made it somewhat ok, don't as me why). American. From Vegas. No excuse. No longer charming. No longer funny. What. The hell. Is going on. And, as if that weren't crazy enough, turns out the song really was a big hit, not just on the Access Hollywood special I made up. I am mystified. Here you go, the official video. I wanted to post one I found where the guy had put the lyrics in the video, so you wouldn't miss any of the poetic subtleties, but embedding was disabled, so just listen real carefully.

And in case you're now obsessed, here's someone else who felt the same way, and broke it all down for you. Very deep.

Update, May 9: It's 11:30 on saturday night, it's been raining for a while which is very welcome after all the heat this past week, and I feel quiet and happy curled up on the couch watching tv online and crocheting, almost serene... except that there's a huge crowd of people outside my window screaming at the top of their lungs: "... OR ARE WE DANCER...." I shit you not, I can hardly believe it myself. What is the universe trying to tell me? Whatever it is it's pretty funny.


  1. We are dancer, maybe. Some people are neither though. Just dumans and hancers.

  2. couldn't even make it to the end of the song.


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