Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Morning Shopping - Coclico

I actually saw these shoes in a store near my house yesterday, on a street I call Shoe Street, but most people in Madrid would just call C/Augusto Figueroa. This street is lined with stores that mostly sells samples (read: too small for me) at very reduced prices, but occasionally also have other sizes available. One store in particular (Caligae) I have to go to about once a week. They get the Chie Miharas, and while it's true that usually it's just torture for me, because the place is filled with lovely Chies for half their usual price, that I would have to cut off my heel a-la-Cinderella's step sister in the original tale in order to get into. But I have been lucky, and they get new stuff a lot. Anyway, they've started carrying Coclico now, and I saw these and fell in lust with them. Samples, of course, but leave it to ShopBop! (Go Madison!)


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