Sunday, June 28, 2009

Morning Shopping - Virgins and flowy tops

Virgen of Guadalupe bracelet and belt buckle.

Skull and Roses cuff from the same site, just for kicks.

And this, which I saw in a magazine a few months ago but only recently showed up online. Still stunning. Funny thing is, folks out there can't seem to agree on which is the front and which is the back. It's styled both ways on various sites. Not that it matters really, what matters is that I want it.

Gryphon Beaded Silk Top


  1. this is so so gorgeous. this site has it in black too:

    but i do like the white better.

    however... i think it really needs to be worn without a bra. would you do it?

  2. I think you could wear a cami under it... braless seems a little extreme. So I guess no, I would not. (said with an "are you crazy" look on my face)


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