Friday, January 8, 2010

intermix wanderer pt. 2

I guess I am a wanderer. Because I loved the things they threw together under that category on the intermix site. I guess that shouldn't surprise me (hello, Nomadic D). The past few months I've actually been thinking a lot about being nomadic, about how it shapes me and what it gives me and what it takes away, about how I can let it in to my art, about how I need to. What I hadn't thought about was that I dress like one. Or want to. Kind of fitting. No pun intended. In any case, I like the term 'wanderer'; I think it might show up in my life again soon. Meanwhile, here's the other look from intermix that I liked a lot:

It doesn't floor me the way the other one did, but I do love the little fur vest over the enormous sweater. And I know you've seen my new enormous sweater... maybe it needs a little furry friend to go on top. I never would have thought of that...

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  1. elle a l'air tellement cool, son sens aigu de la mode, si vous voulez mettre l'accent sur ​​la mode, il est préférable de regarder Pull Chaud


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