Friday, January 8, 2010

i die.

WTF. This is killing me. Ok, I don't like the puss n' boots, but everything else on this lady is literally killing me. I am dying. And no, nothing is available anymore, probably sold out the second intermix put this look together. None of these items are available anywhere. But, jesus, look at that jacket. Here, look closer:

Wait, look how genius this is:

It's the Elizabeth and James Rabbit Lined Wilderness Jacket, and no, I cannot have it and neither can you. It's gone. But just look at it layered over that super huge silk men's shirt. And the bag, and the jeans. If I'd seen those jeans alone I woulda said, too fucked up, but they look perfect here. Whoever styled this should get a raise. No, should let me shadow them. And then give me these things.


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