Sunday, May 30, 2010

Carnivale Season 1 Marathon

Our marathon started super late because we decided to be responsible and do all sorts of grocery shopping and cleaning and organizing of the house beforehand, so in reality, I don't know if it counts as a marathon. I think we got through 4 episodes. We'll try and hit it again tonight. But what really matters is not how good that show is, even the second time around (really really good, in my opinion), but the munchies I made.

The humus was ridiculously easy, just like my mama said it would be. I took some precooked chick peas and added some tahini and a bit of lemon juice. That's about as exact as I can be as far as the measurements go. And then I drizzled olive oil on top with a dash of paprika. On the side for dipping I took whole wheat tortillas, cut them into bits, brushed them with olive oil and baked them in a too-hot oven for 5 minutes. Again, that's about as precise as I can be. I recommend not having the oven too hot, probably better if you heat it just right. Regardless, it was delicious. We had some mammoth green grapes with it, which were delicious, in spite of their prehistoric size.

And then, when we got hungry again (it happened so soon, we are eating champions lately), I pulled out the whole wheat pizza dough I'd prepared and used my brand new rolling pin (little water glasses get the job done, but not very well) and made this baby:

The crust is adapted from here, but I usually use milk instead of water. Last night, however, feeling bold, I substituted white wine ("What? Why?" asked my husband, "They're not even the same color!"). I also always throw in some herbes de provence for good measure. Thought it was going to be salty, but I think it was just the tang of the wine, because when it cooked up, it was perfect. I topped it with sliced tomatoes, sliced red peppers, grated mozzarella and some mozzarella di buffalo, and then some fresh basil on top. When it came out of the oven we threw some turkish red pepper on it, and ate it so fast there re no pictures. But trust me, it was good.


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