Monday, March 21, 2011

boot evolution

These Rag & Bone boots are so lovely. Just the right blend of elegant yet tough, streamlined yet substantial. The color, the texture, the seaming, the heel, I just think they're perfect.

Interestingly enough, this version, from a previous season, seems so far from perfect to me.  And I find it fascinating how just changing a few details can have such an impact on the overall effect.


Aside from the obvious differences in color and texture of the leather, look at what it does when you tweak the heel shape, narrow the ankle, and alter the angle of the toe box just the slightest bit.  So cool to see evolution in action.


  1. gorgeous



  2. Kind of like the goddamn Rachel Comey boots I want but can't afford. *sigh*

  3. yes, very much like those rachel comey boots!


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