Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I went into Zara, and found armfuls of the most perfect t-shirts in cottons, silks and linens, and those colored pants I've been coveting too, but then the lady in the dressing room said only 6 items, and when I suggested the usual I-take-6-in-and-leave-the-others-here she scoffed and then just turned her back on me. So I dropped it all and walked out. Still recovering from the flu, no energy for spanish customer service confrontations.
But I really really wanted to find something, you know that feeling? Even if it was just a pair of fun socks or something. Anything. So I headed into Oysho. While I'll never understand why this spanish lingerie/loungewear line is named something unpronounceable by all spanish people, I absolutely love Oysho. Most of my pjs and quite a few of my bras are from there, but they've also supplied me with gorgeous silk tanks and slouchy sweaters in the past. And really I was just going to buy a pair of socks to cheer me up, but I walked out triumphant.
perfect drapey flowy batwing t-shirt, with thoughtfully small armholes. take that Zara.
sheer polka-dotted cotton button-down, 3/4 sleeves, boxy-cut, and shorter than average, just to make it that much more special
little cotton nightie
how sweet is that print? doesn't it just make you smile?
And of course:
perfect spring-time socks


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