Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sick brain wants blazer

Do you ever find that when your sick you think in less linear, understandable ways? My mind makes connections and comes up with the strangest things. It's been 6 days that I've been cooped up here in the house. And while today I am well enough to bathe (yes, I know, finally) and even make myself some delicious whole wheat pancakes, my left side of face (ear, throat, glands) is just so swollen and congested that I feel like a crooked schnauzer. You know, when dogs get ear infections and it makes them stand all diagonal? All diag-a-dog?

See? Sick brain works funny.

Anyway, part of my self-treatment of this cold has been catching up on American Idol. Much to my surprise, Steven Tyler and J. Lo are so sweet and funny and charming! I'm sure you all know that though, cause you probably watch the episodes as they air, not a month later. Anyway. In the episode where they do the Austin auditions, J. Lo shows up with her hair all pulled back and wearing this beautiful red lipstick and this white flowy ruffled blousey thing. And I just thought, man, she's gorgeous! And my next though was I absolutely need a white blazer and have to wear it with bright coral lipstick!

pic from here

Just to clarify. I do not think I look like J. Lo. I am aware that she's not wearing a blazer, and that her lipstick is most certainly not coral. But that's just what my sick brain did with this image. I think it also had to do with a longing for sunny spring weather and the ability to go outside and enjoy it. Who knows. Point is, I spent the morning looking online for the perfect white or off-white blazer.

Do you have $1820 to spare? Then this is a lovely choice:

Got $465 in your pocket?
Diane von Furstenberg at net-a-porter

For way less money I'm sort of lovin this option from TopShop. Especially since there's one just up the street from me, and one day I might be healthy enough to leave the house and go and see it in person.

And oddly enough, that's all I found. Granted, sick brain might not be the best at online searching, but I really thought I was going to find hundreds of viable options. I mean, doesn't everyone want one of these for the spring?

I also checked online at Zara and was thoroughly disappointed, especially because I think they usually excel in blazers and have a bazillion different styles at any given time. I still think they might have something for me in store though, and maybe it's just not online. Again, once I get better (hello? any day now...) I'll go and scope it out. And maybe pick up those bright pink pants I'm stuck on while I'm at it.

For now, I'll just take my decongestant and watch more tv and movies. And have bizarre stream of consciousness fashion revelations.

EDIT: just found this baby on stylebymarina. What the heck is style by marina?

I had to think twice about the yellow lining on this. Thrice actually. But sick brain says: kinda love it. Can't you just see it? Sunny spring weather, hair all pulled back, bright coral lipstick, and this crisp white blazer with the lemony cuffs...

Someone tell sick brain to stop shopping.


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