Friday, March 4, 2011

nude & red

The sick goes on. Still housebound. At least now I have drugs to keep me company. Prescribed in spanish by a mumbling old french man. And me being half-deaf right now, it was a huge struggle to understand what he was saying. When we took the illegibly scrawled prescription in to the pharmacy on the corner the pharmacist laughed and said he had been struggling to decipher this guy's handwriting for 20 years, and that it was no better when he was there to tell you what he wrote, you couldn't understand him either way. Ha ha. I hope I got the right meds...
As I start my second week as an invalid, I figured I should try and at least do something with my time. Other than catch up on all sorts of tv-watching I'd been slacking on (what with all the classes and rehearsals and just general life-living I was doing up until last week). So today I made my first foray into the world of polyvore. Pretty positive I'm not getting the full use out of it yet, but I definitely had fun playing around.
Nude & Red. And no, it doesn't refer to me right now. I'm neither. (sorry, sick brain attacks again with bad puns) Doesn't it just look so fresh? Effortless but glamorous, casual but so put together. Would love to do this once I can leave the house again. Course, I don't own any of these items (except for a great red lipstick), but a girl can dream. And I guess that's what makes polyvore so great, huh? I think I'm starting to get it.

Does this count as being productive?


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