Thursday, March 17, 2011

spicy nails

Still more or less housebound.  Suppose I have enough energy to go out, but the last thing I want is a recaída or a relapse, though in english it doesn't quite inspire as much fear and respect as I think it does in spanish.  They talk about it here like it could be the death 'o you. 

On the bright side, I have not yet gotten tired of doing all the things I never have time to do.  Like experimental manicures!  The half-moon endeavor was too much work for the sloppy pay-off, so I went with a simple yet joyful multi-colored look for this week.

Colors used: MAC Fireball, MAC Shirelle, and Rimmel Pro 318 Coral Queen

Be sure to make the color distribution random.  It's actually way harder than you would think. Or I am dumber than I think.  Whichever.

Ram's head ring by Elizabeth Cole, turquoise ring from covered bazaar in Istanbul, random brass ring, wedding & engagement rings, bracelets from H&M and the rastro (flea market)

In other news, the sun came out today.   I am thankful.


  1. love the nails, but also love the rings - nice variation, coherent, cool difference in colours.

  2. Cool rings!!

  3. great combination, red nail with rings.

  4. The brass ring is dope!

  5. I'm totally digging that rust vibe...especially with all the jewelry...Global glamour all the way! Great accessories, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. I like! See, this is the kind of nail art I can do - I'm much more comfortable with the random colours vs. intricate designs on each individual nails. Love it with your jewelery too! xo

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