Thursday, April 14, 2011

feathers for a duck

Refinery 29 did an article about feather extensions back in january, but honestly it's Steven Tyler that's got me obsessing.  He's not someone I usually consider a fashion role model.  In fact, a few weeks ago he was wearing some sheer purple shirt unbuttoned almost all the way to his crotch and I thought, literally, dude looks like a lady.  Like a crazy old lady.  However, one thing he is rocking that I'm dying to try is feather extensions.

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I looked around and found Fine Featherheads  where they have an amazing selection of feathers and the tools to put them in yourself.  Just look at all these gorgeous varieties!  I think they would look great against my red hair too...

Apparently you can wash and dry and style them and they survive just fine, and they last about a month.  Only problem is that they're basically wholesale, and you have to buy minimum $200 worth. I hardly think I need that many feathers in my life, I'd have to attach them to everything to justify it.  It'd be like the Black Swan (or more like the Orange Duck in this case).  But I'm really starting to get obsessed.  Anyone have them done yet?  Any recommendations?  Anyone know of a salon that will do this in Madrid?


  1. my coworker just got a few and they look fab! she gave me a recommendation for a place but it's out her in San Francisco :(. Hope you find a place so you can rock them!

  2. I've seen earrings with feathers but extensions..


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