Saturday, April 9, 2011

uo picks

Feeling better day by day.  But this damn sore throat won't go away.  And now another way to torture you, it seems that rhyming I must do, it's another symptom of the jersey flu!  Oh what, oh what's a girl to do?  (sorry, I literally can't help myself!)  Well, the doc is coming by in an hour or so so hopefully he can rid me of this madness.  Meanwhile, like any good sick girl, I'm shopping on line.   First store plundered (in my mind): Urban Outfitters.

I think this would be just perfect with my thai fisherman's pants (every time I write that I feel like I stole the pants off my thai fisherman.  You know what I mean though), or even with a black tee or tank underneath.  Fresh, summery, cute and sexy, without being slutty.  (right?  or do I still have Jersey Fever?)

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Urban also always has the perfect little bralettes.  

And one last thing:

Anyone else out there think this might be the perfect black bag?  Love the fact that it has a long strap plus the two small short ones. Seems like it would make a great every day purse, no?


Say what?