Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hooray for zappos

No, I promise, this is not another post about clogs.  (Though I can't promise there won't be another one at some point).  This is about a great zappos moment I recently had.  I bought a pair of boots back in december and then decided I wanted to return them (hooray for the zappos return policy!), but then life got hectic and things got put off, and so they only just got shipped back a few weeks ago.  Then last week I looked into it and UPS was posting delivery completed, but there was no sign of my refund.  So I sent zappos a friendly email asking what steps I need to take to get my money back, assuming it'd involve UPS tracking codes and multiple emails and faxes and who knows what other headaches.  Two days later I got an email saying So sorry for the inconvenience, sometimes things get misplaced in the warehouse, we have refunded your credit card and here's $15 off your next purchase.  I was flabbergasted!  Talk about customer service!  So of course I headed straight to their website to see how I could put my coupon to good use.  Somehow I ended up in the couture section, and got distracted for ridiculous amounts of time looking at shoes I will never actually buy.  This is what I found.

You may have noticed that most of these wedges are insanely high.  Well yes, they are, and no, I don't actually wear anything that high.  Give me a break!  I walk everywhere, every day, and most days I have to get where I'm going over cobblestone streets.  Cobblestones + towering high wedges = either death or a nervous ostrich walk, neither of which I have the time for.  But I still can admire these for the works of art they are.  Don't you love the details we're getting on the backs of the heels?


  1. Sadly, I did post about clogs again today. I need help. (love those top wedges.)

  2. those from robert clergerie KILL me they're so great. so sad that they're so much out of my budget!

  3. i love the red ones and the blue ones!!

    follow if u like what u see?


  4. I can see how you got distracted those are some beautiful shoes !


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