Friday, June 10, 2011

a care package

The other day I got a care package!  I almost never get any mail at all, literally.  I could go weeks without opening my mailbox and I would only have flyers from Pizza Hut and the chinese place up the street, so a package from my loving mama in Wisconsin was above and beyond what I could hope for.  I was giddy like a little girl.  Inside I found my much sought after mesh Chuckies, gifted to me last christmas by my step-cousin-in-law (complicated family tree) and then sadly left behind in the packing madness that always defines january for me.  I actually fell in love with these shoes here in Madrid last summer, but of course I couldn't buy them because they cost 70 euros, which is over $100.  A hundred dollars!  That is insane.  At zappos they're $40.  So anyway, I had to wait, but it was well worth it.  They're plastic mesh, but all those little holes make them super breathable, and I love the lacelessness of them too.  And now they are finally mine!

Also in my package was a new T by Alexander Wang tank top.  I bought one this winter and fell madly in love with it, so when my mama saw it in this beautiful heathered blue deeply discounted at the outnet, she snapped it up for me. 

Seriously, what could be better?  Now if the sun would just come back out so I could wear the stuff...


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful care package! So nice to receive packages in the mail!

  2. This is a cool package ! Check out my blog :

  3. Very cool care package!

  4. Great care package!
    and I should say it looks like you put a lot of thoughts in your blog, great reads and photos. Even my Fiance agreed: Great job!
    Hugs from Australia,

  5. WOW,amazing care package!!!
    Happy weekend!

  6. mesh converse! amazing. i want a pair.


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