Monday, June 13, 2011

cats & flowers

While not something I usually look for in clothing (in fact, the general rule is, see kittens, run away) , I am totally smitten with the cats and flowers on this blazer by Paul & Joe Sister.

I stumbled into it the other day at Pez when I was wandering around Las Salesas.  The printed linen literally made me smile, so I had to try it on, and once it was on my body I was done for.  It's funny and knows it, and that combined with the soft drapiness of the linen perfectly balances out the double-breasted slightly boxy formal cut.   It's bright and cheery but still somehow feels neutral enough to be wearable all time time.  And it reminds me of a china vase.  Am I delusional or would I actually get tons of use out of this?

I literally can't get it out of my mind, and it's been over a week since I tried it on.  I may have to go buy it.  What do you think?


  1. Get it! The fact that you can't stop thinking about it is a good enough sign! I really love it, it would look so pretty brightening up a plain, simple outfit. Plus, it's got CATS on it. What more could you want? Panda xo

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  3. Es muy bonito, ¿te has decidido ya?

  4. Ufff, quita, quita, que la entrada pensaba que era de ayer lunes... Pues va a ser que lo tienes difícil para conseguirlo, jejee!

    1. Jaja! Si, pues seria un poco dificil conseguirlo ahora... No me queda mas remedio que recordarlo y suspirar un poquito. O hacerme uno...? Bss!


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