Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since we just got back from Istanbul, my thoughts are on gorgeous rugs.  My mom has a thing for them, by which I mean she could probably open up her very own textile and kilim museum, and while I didn't quite inherit the level of obsession love she has for them, these modern takes on the traditional rugs really do make me giddy.

Ethnicon in the covered bazaar - photo from Design Jungle

The folks at Ethnicon take antique rugs, cut them apart, and piece them back together in these ingenius patchwork celebrations of color and texture.  Each one is unique, though they have color schemes that they use repeatedly.  We got an eggplant one as a wedding, and though it manages to collect dust like nobody's business (it's the dark color combined with an old apartment that generates dust continually - no fault of the rug itself I assure you), I absolutely love it.  My mom has an apricot sunset one herself, it is utterly happy-making.  The wonderful thing about these is that they work as well in a modern home as in one filled with ethnic textiles; these rugs are for everyone.  You can get them at the covered bazaar in Istanbul, or online through Unique Rugs.

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  1. WOW,love this post!Very interesting,thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Ooooh Istanbul! Amazing. I just adore these patterns...the colors, like you say are just incredible!


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